This Blog is dedicated ,to all those people who helped make Australia what it was not that long ago ,The tiresome workers who built this Nation the Farmers and the brave men and women who defended our country so we could enjoy the life that we had , up until about a decade ago . It not hard too see that those times are over many many changes have taken place , and sadly for a lot of us , none of them are good .
This site is designed to not only enlighten everyone about the facts of life as they are today with ownership of Australia and the decline in Moral values ,but to also give people a voice , people having any problems with any Government Department or Associated services are welcome to complain your heart out and gives us the facts , and make a difference , for we as people everyone of us have inherent power as flesh and blood human beings ,with unalienable rights given to us by our creator , those rights can not be taken away from us or legislated against by no man , woman , or Corporation !
But you say they have taken our rights ? yes but only because we let them ! and they tricked us into contract with them through our birth cert and license .
I have been undertaking comprehensive private investigations and research for the past 3 years , and many days because of the urgent need to catch up with reality ,I have studied 15 hrs a day at times , and on more than a few occasions done 24 straight .
Why you may ask ? Well someone has to ,because of personal health issues ,I have been unable to work ! ,but I have always like many of us wanted to do some good before I die and leave a better place for our kids .
I have been studying subjects so complex ,and so difficult , yet at the same time exciting , mysterious and enthralling while also being extremely sad , disappointed and gutted with what I have learned .

I left school at 13 and have worked as a tradesman for 35 yrs ,and had only read books or watched videos about once every 15 years , but what I never knew was that I was about to triple my knowledge of just about everything in 3 years yes I have learned more in 3 years than I ever could have possibly known in 3 lifetimes and that is no joke !
To want to be involved with this blog , you would need to want to except truth and facts , care for humanity , have moral values in relation to what our forefathers did for us and that we owe them and our kids to stand up for truth and be counted , and also you would need to be strongly opposed to child rape , Ritual abuse , Paedophilia and corruption in general , but also you would be opposed to community corruption , where a certain portion of our people are treated with priority as apposed to us normal people Goyim who are not members of any societies , but classed by the jewish Bible the Talmud as useless eaters or cattle , chattel , and any network group that works against normal every day people Maybe you might just be sick of the way society is heading , getting spied on, or injustice in our courts ,to major corruption , in many Government Departments to charges of Treason against a huge list of politicians , or the sad neglect of elderly in our health systems , and the many needless deaths of healthy innocent people to the massive decline in good and a huge move toward all bad !
This will challenge your thoughts and thinking like never before ,because at the moment you don’t know your whole life has been a lie in many ways , and that you have been , along with us all programmed to believe what you are told , and all we ever had to do is study to find the truth and claim our rights and do not consent ,and yes that old line rings true then and that is : “the truth really does set you free “, so I say try it but be warned ,it is not easy ! I have done a lot of the study ,for all of Tamworth and for all of Humanity , and gladly I am one of an ever growing group of people who have woken up to the lies we have been fed ,who is feeding us and who is controlling us and how this is an amazing part of my life when I can stand up and expose the evil or I could just live my whole life a lie and die gutless , and because my great uncle was part of the WW1 effort and a Gilgandra Cooee , and the burdens I carry for that makes my decision easy to tell the truth and stand up for the truth , on those words I also say I do not bow to Traitors Criminals Gays or Paedophiles , but follow the do no harm policy and gods laws , don’t kill, don’t make false witness , and don

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